Hello all,
Please join me at 23:00 Universal, that's 6 eastern, 3 pacific for the Hawaiian connection show!
I will be featuring some great music such is Hawaiian, reggae, Dance, and More.
If you want to get a hold of me during the show, you can email me at yourvoice@theglobalvoice.info

That's the Hawaiian connection, on the global voice, and your radio for life.
If you want to tune in to listen, point your browser to http://www.theglobalvoice.info and choose your player of choice.
Hello all,
I would love it if you can join me starting tomorrow at 9 a.m eastern, 2 pm in the UK for the Hawaiian connection show!
This show features a variety mix of music such as new age, Hawaiian, reggae, and even some trans.
In this weeks featured cd premier, I will be playing some tracks from Kevin Kendle's cd flower.
Since this is a few days before Valentine's day, I'll be playing a few of my favorite love songs.

If you would like to get a hold of me, you can do so via email at keao@team-fm.com
You can tweet me @tr_diva

I hope to see you soon bright and early my lovelys!
Hello All,
Christmas is only 2 days away, so please join me Keao Wright at 23 Universal, 6 eastern, 3 pacific for the Hawaiian Connection Christmas special!
I'll be playing some great Christmas music, ranging from smooth jazz, to Hawaiian, and from Pop to new age.
I'll be happy to interact with you during the show!
So join me later on today at 2300, on the one and only The global voice, and your radio for life!
You can visit our site at www.theglobalvoice.info and pick your player of choice.
I hope to see you soon!
Hello all,
Please join me Keao, tomorrow Morning at 7 eastern, 12 in the Uk for the Hawaiian Connection!
I will be featuring some smooth jazz, New age, Easily, and Reggae.
In this addition, I will also be featuring some of my favorite Christmas Tunes, and even a little bit of Country music.
You can contact me during the show by sending a request or dedication at the e-mail address keao@team-fm.com
My twitter info is Tr_Diva
I hope I can see you then for this fun and exciting show!

See you Soon!
Hello all,
At 7 a.m eastern, 11 in the UK
I would like you to join me Keao Wright, for the first and live addition of the Hawaiian Connection show!

This week, I will be playing the usual Reggae, smooth jazz, and new age music, but we will be doing something a little different this week.

I will be featuring a new cd premier!

We will be playing tracks off of the Green's second cd called Ways and Means.

If you would like to contact me with any requests, you can do so at the following ways during the show.

You can e-mail me at keao@team-fm.com

Tweet me @Tr_Diva

I hope to see you soon!
You can tune in by going to www.team-fm.com for the listen links.



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