I would like you to join me at 0 hours universal, that is 8 p.m in the east coast for the hawaiian connection at http://theglobalvoice.info
This week, we will be featuring along with our usual mix of Music, a new Tune from Fiji, and a new song from Irie Love and her new cd "This is Irie Love."
If you would like to get a hold of me during the show, you can contact me by email at keao@theglobalvoice.info
Or if you would like to tweet me, it's @keao45

I hope to see you then!
If you would like to listen to the show, it is also on audio access at http://audioaccess.fm/broadband.php

You can also go to radio for life at www.radioforlife.info where the show can be heard on a Monday.

Keao's Mix

Nov. 14th, 2012 10:04 pm
Hello all,
I would like you to join me tomorrow from 3 to 5 eastern time, that's 8 to 10 uk time for Keao's mix at http://audioaccess.fm
This week we will have in the first hour, a little bit of neptunes car.
They are a couple from New Hampshire, and they are known as Steve Hayes, and Holly Hanson.
In the second hour, you will hear a lady called Ruth Moody, and as well as your requests.
If you want to get a hold of me, you can tweet me @keao45 or email me at alohasmiles5389@gmail.com

I hope to see you then!



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